5 Ultimate offbeat summer destinations in Switzerland

If you are planning your trip to Europe, Switzerland definitely counts as an obvious choice. With a scenery that encompasses an unparalleled beauty and an intriguing experience, scores a special place in your memory. Switzerland is one country that never fails to impress and express. So this time when you plan for your trip, visit... Continue Reading →

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Free accessible Vantage points across Europe

Every city has its own distinctive way of architecture, culture and a lifestyle. It’s agreeable to capture the narrowest of lanes to experience the local life of the city, however, vantage points on the other hand, summarise the place as you would love it beyond the look and feel. This is also true that vantage... Continue Reading →

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International Red Cross Museum Geneva review

Geneva has its own charm and a legacy that empowers its existence today. Hosting the European headquarters of United Nations, Geneva is also the hub for a number of NGOs and International organisations. Some great artists, engineers, thinkers and philosophers belong to Geneva who have established its ruling realm today. One such concept that is... Continue Reading →

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