6 (absolutely) unheard travel tips to save money in Europe

Travelling in Europe could be fun, yet challenging and quite expensive for few! This leads to either choosing cheaper destinations or compromising on recreation. There are ofcourse ways of making the trip more affordable like couch surfing, eating at home, working while travelling etc, but all involve a sacrifice of a particular leisure. Not anymore! Your travel buddy here would tell you absolutely unheard travel tips to save money in Europe without bargaining on your comfort and ease.

Booking multiple easyJet flights

There is no argument that easyJet flights are the cheapest and the best option to travel across different cities and countries in Europe. If you are hopping between different countries and need to book multiple flights from easyJet, choose the option ‘Add more flights’ that appears on the right side column after the first search. It reduces the price of the tickets cumulatively, making the affair more economical.

Screenshots for reference and proof for same dates, same places and same flights.

Journey Trail: Paris– Berlin–Rome–Geneva

Individual Booking: 239.76 CHF

With ‘Add more flights’: 144.63 CHF

travel tips to save money
Individual Tickets booking
travel tips to save money
With ‘Add more flight’ feature

Download offline google maps

Navigation is indeed a challenge if you are a tourist, which eventually means dependency on mobile data and unexpectedly huge bills. Offline maps in your google map application is an ideal feature to use, (misuse) and exploit. Select the area to download and you are just ready to rock any town, city or country. It is even better if you have rented a car as you can save the cost on expensive rentals of GPS and can mark your own territory for specific directions. Boycott seeking directions from strangers for now you have your own map to guide and brag.

Mark sites to visit on google maps

Often we read about attractions in a particular city, things to do, itineraries through a couple of blogs and online articles. It offers a good sneak peek view of your prospective trip. The travel tip to save money here is to mark all these places on your downloaded google offline map to ensure the chronological order of the places that you plan to visit. This will not only save your unnecessary expenses on local transportation but most importantly, will save your time and efforts. After all it is a vacation and it deserves a right to be enjoyed in amenity.

travel tips to save money
Showing attractions marked on offline map of Berlin

Making use of referrals scheme on accommodation web platforms

This one is a social travel tip to save money. Referrals are an online version of an offline marketing strategy called word of mouth. But if this strategy can bring benefits, it is worth a try. I know about Bookings and Airbnb that highly promote referrals and also combine the points to convert into savings. To your astonishment, I booked an Airbnb apartment near the main train station in Helsinki for just 5 Euros a night, all thanks to my friends who never registered with Airbnb before!! Exploit it to believe in it.

Local transportation applications

It could be surprising to note but in many cities across Europe, buying tickets from the local transportation application or vending machines could be cheaper than buying from the counters or the drivers. It is also important to use these authorised applications or sourced information especially when you are commuting from the airport to the main city and back. For eg. In Helsinki, there is an easy free app to use called HSL Mobiililippu that you can download and purchase your ticket for just 2.20€. Similarly, it is cheaper to buy tickets from vending machines in Salzburg than to buy from the bus drivers.

travel tips to save money
Local Transportation app in Helsinki

A free downloadable audio guide tour

It is always not possible to book a guided tour in a city specially if you have limited or non- coinciding show time. Sometimes you are in no mood to test your patience and count your steps. Nonetheless the world has advanced and so have the applications. Rick Steves Audio Europe is an online guided tour application that introduces us to the major attractions of the place with a clear narration and detailed directions. Be it a voyage through St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City or the journey of Red Light District in Amsterdam, be it learning of St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna or experience of Louvre in Paris, this audio tour guide covers everything. Additionally, it also has interviews and untold historical anecdotes that make the whole episode of the podcast interesting and intriguing.

travel tips to save money
Rick Steves Audio Tour Paris Screenshot

Hope these travel tips to save money would help you better plan your Europe itinerary without disagreeing on your luxury. Comment and let me know which travel tip did you like the most. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter to relish a perfect travel album.


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